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Tourism Network West: 2004 evaluation – final report


The Tourism Network West project aimed to provide forum networking events for the tourism sector. The evaluation aimed to: assess the success of the project in meeting its main objectives and targets; establish whether these objectives continue to be valid; measure the impact of the project from the perspective of event attendees and non-attendees; and provide recommendations on how the project could be improved for the future.


The methodology consisted of a structured telephone questionnaire about four Tourism Network West events, from a sample drawn from four LEC areas.


Finds that most surveyed attendees believed their attendance at the Tourism Network West had been of benefit to their organisation. Attributes the following behavioural benefits to the Tourism Network West: better networking; increased awareness and knowledge of the key tourism industry issues; increased collaborative partnerships with others in the tourism industry; increased awareness of the support available from Scottish Enterprise and other agencies; and a positive impact on the skills of employees. Finds that a large majority of surveyed attendees thought: they would still have a requirement for a forum such as the Tourism Network West; they would continue to attend in the future; and they would support the idea of the project running joint events with related tourism industries. Overall, there is a high degree of satisfaction with the promotional and event management aspects of Tourism Network West.


Recommends checking the company contact database to remove any redundant companies. Advises reviewing the events programme structure so that the amount of networking time available to attendees can be increased. Suggests that consideration is given to hosting future events in ‘central’ locations, as venue location is considered a barrier to non-attendees. Recommends that the forward calendar for the Tourism Network West be developed with scope for joint events.

Author T L Dempster
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
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    Sector-level support
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