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Tourism product development evaluation - final report


Scottish Enterprise’s (SE’s) tourism product development activity aims to develop new products and services within seven key areas of tourism in Scotland – Whisky, Food, Country Sports (including angling), Ancestral, Forest (including mountain biking), Golf, and Built Heritage – in order to increase the contribution of the sector to economic growth. The evaluation reviews the planning, delivery and implementation of this activity in support of these areas. It assesses the rationale for intervention, project objectives and targets, tourism product development activities, perceived impact, project benefits, management and delivery and future tourism considerations for each area.


The methodology consisted of consultation with stakeholders, steering group members and a selection of participating businesses, and a review of the literature.


Objectives and targets have been achieved across a number of sectors: the Whisky Tourism Initiative has achieved its overall aim of consolidating the whisky and tourism industries to capitalise on the strength of the whisky brand in promoting Scotland; considerable progress has been made towards the overall aim in Country Sports of realising the potential for country sports tourism through collaborative activity and focusing on improving the overall customer experience and country sports offering available to visitors; the original rationale for intervention in Ancestral tourism development no longer exists as activity has resulted in greater collaboration and information provision in this area; activity in Food tourism is still in its infancy but considerable progress has been made against targets, particularly in relation to training and the success of the online foodkit product; and potential for further development activity still exists with regard to golf and built heritage tourism. While feedback from stakeholders is positive in terms of SE involvement to date, there still exists scope for further development activity in these areas.


Recommendations are made regarding SE’s role in tourism product development, in relation to both current and emerging products. SE should continue its intervention in all areas except for Ancestral Tourism where it no longer has a role to play.

Author Jura Consultants
Published Year 2010
Report Type Evaluation
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