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Data driven innovation

Data driven innovation

Data will drive Scotland's next economic revolution, one that represents a £20 billion opportunity to the country over the next five years. Using expertly sourced data and research can boost innovation and create economic growth, identify behaviours, improve services and more. Here are some data organisations, events, opportunities and stories that can help your company on its data journey.

SoilEssentials' data driven innovation story

SoilEssentials employ data to help farmers optimise their businesses both here and abroad. Started by two farmers who wanted to address their own agricultural challenges, this Scottish company now leads the way in precision agriculture. It's a great story about solving problems with tech, and a must read for anyone who needs to understand how data can help to revolutionise a sector.

Got a data opportunity you'd like to explore?

If you would like to explore a data opportunity for your business but don't have the in-house skills or capacity, or maybe you're looking to augment your existing team, why not consider participating in Data Lab’s MSc. Placement Programme. This is a 10-12-week paid internship where current MSc. data students pair up with companies over the summer, to work on a specific project where data insight would be beneficial. 

Turing Fest: where tech tribes get together

Turing Fest turns up the tech heat in Scotland. Four mini-conferences come under one roof over three days - three days packed full of keynote speakers and panels, workshops and parties. This cross-sectional tech event is all about gaining insight and building connections so you can grow and lead your business into a bigger, brighter and better future.

Investing in data driven innovation in Scotland

The Data Driven Innovation Programme, which forms part of the Edinburgh & SE Scotland City Region Deal, is a massive investment in data driven innovation in Scotland that will drive the regional and Scottish economies. The UK Government has invested £270 million, alongside partners, in an ambitious £661 million programme that seeks to establish Edinburgh as the Data Capital of Europe. Great news for Scotland.

The Data Lab - home of Scottish data innovation

The Data Lab's core mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data. It does this by strengthening Scotland's local industry, transforming world-leading research in informatics and computer science into the global marketplace. It also helps develop the next generation of data scientists and builds and connects Scotland's data community.

DataFest - Scotland's data festival

Scotland's annual festival of data innovation brings together data pioneers and experts and offers opportunities for companies to network and explore how data can be used to grow business. World-class speakers, big platform events and an exciting data-packed fringe event make DataFest a must for Scottish companies who want to understand what it takes to stay competitive through data.

EIE conference - connecting investors and tech ventures

Scotland's annual EIE (engage, invest, exploit) conference features the most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, emerging from Scotland, the UK and beyond, seeking funding from seed to series A. Expect a stunning line-up of engaging international speakers and the opportunity to network with hundreds of entrepreneurs and international investors.

Scottish data apprenticeships for businesses

Data apprenticeships are a great way to introduce data expertise at every level of your business. Apprenticeships are designed by employers for employers and help improve the long-term pipeline and address skills gaps that can affect many companies in this area. You can help shape the next generation of data experts as well as retain employees who understand your business. 

Developing the data talent pool in Scotland

Scotland’s Universities provide a high share of UK masters courses in data science. An innovative programme run by The Data Lab funds students on 18 courses delivered across 11 Scottish universities. Scotland is growing talent that feeds the requirements of Scottish businesses and the needs of inward investors actively locating their operations here because of this data talent pool.

Scottish data and technology meetups

Experts share a range of data science, analytics and technology trends and market insights with the Scottish data community. These meetups tackle everything, from how to build a data analytics team that works, to what makes a good data science solution for companies. All skill levels are welcome and meetups are a great way to learn first-hand from data practitioners and build your data knowledge.

The Bayes Centre builds the future with data and AI

The University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre is one of the core components of data driven innovation in Scotland. The Centre is a global leader in data science and artificial intelligence and works in partnership with companies to solve real-world problems. With nine key strategic themes including robotics, cyber security and AI, Bayes is at the forefront of international data driven innovation.

The Alan Turing Institute of Data Science and AI

The Alan Turing Institute (ATI) is the UK National Institute for Data Science and AI. It's aim is to help make the UK the best place in the world for data science and AI research, collaboration, and business. The University of Edinburgh is a founding member, and ATI has a presence in the Bayes Centre, the home of data driven innovation in Scotland and a centre supported by Scottish Enterprise.

Scotland's Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC)

This national resource and data service is a research centre funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) with support from the University of Glasgow. The Centre promotes the use of data and data innovation, to improve social, economic and environmental well-being in cities. UBDC helps small and large businesses derive greater value from the power of data.

Centre for Health Data Science - University of Aberdeen

The Centre for Health Data Science is a partnership between the University of Aberdeen, NHS Grampian and NHS Research & Development North Node. The Centre brings data science solutions to the challenges of health and healthcare. It aims to improve health for individuals and communities through unique data streams, and state of the art data science methodologies.

Codebase - the tech business growth company

This tech cluster helps tech companies start-up and scale-up, by offering the infrastructure and network that businesses need to grow quickly. Codebase tenants have raised over $500 million and Codebase are currently supporting more than 400 businesses. With core sites in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Stirling, and mentorship across 22 UK cities, Codebase is a Scottish tech lifeline.

Medical software company Spiritus chooses Scotland

Scotland's bold technology community and top-drawer talent brought this US company to Edinburgh. Scottish universities produce top graduates in areas like informatics, cybersecurity and data analytics, which Spiritus needed to meet the demands of its business. And Scotland's natural inclination for business innovation very much fitted in with the US company's ethos.

Scottish Enterprise's David Smith on Scotland's data story

Head of Scottish Enterprise's data-driven initiative, David Smith, Senior Director, Digital Technology and Sector Delivery, shares his thoughts on how companies can use data to get market insights, and develop new innovative business models, that will disrupt markets and help Scottish businesses gain competitive advantage. And collaboration is Scotland's key to global data success.

ScotlandIS grows Scotland's digital tech industry

ScotlandIS helps Scotland's businesses and organisations to create and deliver digital products and services. Scottish Enterprise is partnering with ScotlandIS to support their ambitions to become the cluster management organisation for the digital tech industry in Scotland, and data technology companies will be an early focus for their cluster building activities.

Scotland's Data Space Conference on satellite data

Space-enabled data or satellite data is having a profound affect on life here on earth - having an impact on everything from urban planning to agritech. The Data Space Conference in Glasgow February 2021, will bring together home-grown and big-name international start-ups, investors and data-makers. And shine the light on the growing number of opportunities in the Scottish satellite data sector.

SPRINT support for space data and technology SMEs

SPRINT(SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) is a space sector high-growth programme for small and medium businesses. Successful businesses will get support for three years starting in April 2018. If you're working on projects that develop space sector technologies, innovate markets, or use space data SPRINT could take you to the next level.

Scottish space incubator

Supported by the UK Space Agency and Scottish Enterprise and run in partnership between The Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SoXSA) and Tontine, the Scottish space incubator is a programme supporting space start-ups, and businesses using space technology to grow, develop and succeed.