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Scotland's open innovation marketplace

Scotland's Open Innovation Marketplace

Solving your business challenges through the Open Innovation Marketplace connects you to a global network of inventive organisations and offers an unrivalled opportunity for company growth. You'll work together to produce a solution and share risk and reward along the way.

How does the marketplace work?

We match Scottish and global companies to help them find the lightbulb moments in business that solve challenges and make business growth a reality.

Support and funding options

There's a wealth of great support and funding out there to encourage an exciting ecosystem of open innovation business collaboration partnerships.

Post a challenge and get it solved

If you've got a company conundrum that your everyday business strategies can't get a handle on, here's where you post that challenge to a wider innovation audience.

Find a challenge and solve it

If you think you've got the answers when it comes to solving business obstacles explore our list of company challenges that are calling for innovative approaches. 

Got a question about open innovation?

Talk to our innovation specialists to see how we can help connect you to your next opportunity.