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Improve productivity and employee engagement

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Improve productivity and employee engagement

Workplace innovation is about creating a culture where staff are fully engaged and supported to reach their potential, creating a profitable, efficient and responsive business. Focussing on building a resilient and sustainable workforce is more important than ever. We'll give you practical tools to ensure your business is in good shape for the future.

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Practical tools to help your business

Our workplace innovation service helps more than 900 companies each year to improve their productivity by engaging and developing employees. 

How can we help? Our specialists will give you practical tools and guidance to build a more profitable, efficient and responsive business through:

  • Workforce planning
  • Organisational design
  • Alternative business models
  • Creating a culture where staff are fully engaged

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Optimise your team performance

Get support to build a more empowered, engaged and productive workforce. It’s important to put your people first and listen to their ideas or you could be missing out on the best asset you could ever have.


Prepare and adapt your workplace

Are you making the most of your physical and virtual workspaces in transitioning to the new normality? Explore ways to mobilise your staff and support them in the workplace or working from home. 

Create efficient ways of working

Work practices can often make or break a company. Research has shown that introducing different ways of working and improving efficiency can increase productivity significantly.

"What will your business look like when you restart or reopen? Our workplace innovation specialists can help you make positive changes to your people, practices and ways of working."

Clare Alexander, Head of Business Models and Workplace Innovation, Scottish Enterprise

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How we can help 

Our workplace innovation services and best practice guidance will help empower your staff to make your business more efficient, productive and profitable, ensuring your business is in good shape for the future.

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