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We're bringing an international focus to Scotland's economy to help us achieve export growth and attract overseas investment

There's an opportunity to increase Scotland's impact in overseas markets. By aligning our trade and investment activities with the work of our partners in areas like culture, tourism and education - we can maximise Scotland's international presence and visibility. 

Through the Scottish Government’s new ‘One Scotland Partnerships’, we aim to boost the volume and scale of international trade and investment, whilst continuing to shift the number of companies seeking to operate internationally.

Our support and objectives

We'll support ambitious Scottish companies to develop their international strategy, offering:

  • Integrated account management
  • Specialist support for exporters
  • Opportunities in Scotland’s sectors
  • An active programme of global trade missions
  • International market guidance

By boosting our efforts in international trade and investment, we'll continue to build on Scotland's strong global reputation.

Consistently recognised as one of the top regions in Europe for foreign direct investment, Scotland has an unrivalled record for attracting projects and jobs.

Capitalising on this reputation will help us attract greater international investment, further strengthening the Scottish economy.


In 2015-2018, we're aiming for:

  • 750 – 900 assisted companies becoming new or active exporters
  • 700 – 950 companies projecting significant export growth

Read our business plan update for 2017-2018

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