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Scottish Investment Bank

Boosting investment in Scottish companies in 2013-2014

As the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise, we make investment capital go further and help early stage Scottish companies to grow. Last year we worked with investors, helped businesses enter international markets and supported Scotland's key growth sectors.

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We've had a busy year

As the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise, we're about making investment capital go further and helping early stage Scottish businesses to grow. In 2013-2014 we worked with investors, helped businesses enter international markets and supported Scotland's key growth sectors.

We set businesses on the right path

by helping
378 Scottish companies
get ready to raise finance for growth

More than one company per day

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We invested

£32.4 million
£93.3 million
of private sector investment

Into 111 Scottish companies

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We grew our portfolio

By adding
32 new companies

Our portfolio is at 254 companies

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We saw strong performance from our investments

With our portfolio delivering
£16.6 million
of income

8 exits

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Giving a boost to the Scottish economy

Our portfolio of companies contributed

3367 jobs

And recorded a combined turnover of
£305 million

£75 million
of turnover was from exports

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We supported ambitious businesses

The companies we work with all have one thing in common – enormous potential with the ambition to grow. We're encouraging that potential by tailoring our resources, skills and expertise to suit their needs.

In 2013-2014 we invested

£32.4 million
111 Scottish companies
with global growth ambitions

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From start up…

of our current portfolio investments are pre-revenue. We increased investment from the Scottish Seed Fund by
27% to £1.9 million
to help start-ups and pre-revenue companies kick-start their growth plans.

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… to growth plans

The Scottish Co-Investment Fund invested
£7.6 million
into deals of up to £2 million

The Scottish Venture Fund invested
£6 million
into deals of up to £10 million

The Scottish Loan Fund lent
£3.6 million
to established SMEs with major growth plans

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Case study: Scottish Loan Fund

Find out how the Scottish Loan Fund has helped established SMEs undertake transformational growth.

And we followed our money

We made
£4.1 million
of follow on investments into our existing portfolio of companies

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We supported key growth sectors

We invested into some of Scotland's key growth sectors. From more established areas such as life sciences, technology and engineering, to the emerging field of renewable energy, as well as traditional industries like food & drink.

In 2013-2014 we invested

  • £1.2m in Chemical sciences
  • £1.4m in Creative industries
  • £6.5m in Technology & advanced engineering
  • £1.7m in Food and drink
  • £6.6m in Life sciences
  • £10.7m in Energy
  • £673,000 in Other areas

It was a record year for investment in renewable energy

Through the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF) we invested
£8.8 million
into marine energy, innovative turbine technology, hydro and community renewables. These projects have the potential to bring long-term economic benefits to Scotland.

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At the end of the year

our portfolio of
254 companies
one of the largest in the UK, looked like this…

  • 38% Tech and advanced engineering
  • 2% Chemical Sciences
  • 11% Other
  • 26% Life Sciences
  • 6% Energy - Renewables
  • 6% Energy - Other
  • 4% Food and drink
  • 7% Creative Industries

And our portfolio delivered
£16.6 million
of income, including 8 exits

We provided more than money

As well as supplying much needed finance for growth, our support and guidance helped hundreds of Scottish companies take their businesses to the next level.

We supported

Scottish companies in preparing to raise finance

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We added

32 new companies
to our portfolio,
and our portfolio managers worked intensively with our companies, to help them generate a recorded turnover of
£305 million

This support was delivered in partnership with our investment partners and colleagues in Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

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Which in turn supported
3,367 Scottish jobs

The world is our market

We work with companies with international ambitions, so we need to have an international mindset too.

Our early stage companies

Are making an impact in
international markets

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We assisted

60 Scottish companies
through partnership with UK Export Finance, which supported
£24 million of export contracts

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72 of our young portfolio companies
£75 million of exports

We also

8 new
investment partners
6 of which
were from outside Scotland

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