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You should get an idea of whether you're right for a particular role by reading the advert but there are skills and qualities we expect to see in all our people. We’ve developed a set of competencies and people seeking to join us will be asked to assess their skills against these competencies in the application form and during the interview process.

Customer focus/relationship management

The willingness and ability to give priority to customers, understand their needs and develop relationships with key partners. And to deliver a high quality service that meets their needs within set timeframes/service level agreements. This refers both to internal and external customers.


Working co-operatively with others and organisational boundaries to achieve shared goals. We work across departments, organisations and cultures, so staff must work co-operatively, sharing best practice, breaking down departmental barriers and communicating fully on new initiatives and priorities.

Overseas, the ability to build on inter-cultural understanding ensures we understand and meet the needs of our target audiences.


Ensuring written and oral information is provided to all necessary recipients in the most effective and timely manner. Our success largely depends on the impact we make, in particular with key influencers, businesses we support, external partners, the media and internal customers.  

Personal management

Organising the way we work to allow us to achieve our full potential. As our workplace continues to change, becoming more flexible and complex, our ability to ‘self manage’ is vital. New electronic tools and ways of working will help us deliver to our customers; our capacity to acquire knowledge and build relationships supports us in this aim.

Problem solving/project management

Bringing disciplined analysis to data and situations to understand cause and effect, and use this to make effective decisions. Additionally managing inputs and outputs of the project to ensure timescales and deliverables are met.

Technical expertise

Possessing the technical skills, knowledge, experience, abilities and relevant qualifications to undertake tasks successfully. These will vary from role to role and will be identified by people managers for each vacant post.

Leading and developing others

Leading, encouraging, inspiring and supporting others to develop confidence and capability to help them realise their full potential. This is only applicable to roles involving people management.

People managers have a critical role in securing our long-term future and in achieving our strategic objectives. They are responsible for ensuring individuals and teams understand their responsibilities and roles, and they provide appropriate support, challenges, coaching and delegation, so individuals are empowered to take on greater responsibility.