Online Registration System guidelines

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Completing the form should take approximately one hour. The following information will assist you in completing the Online Registration System (ORS) application form.

Page 1

You will need to register before completing the online application.

Take note of the password requirements when registering.

The password must meet the following complexity requirements and contain:

  • at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • at least one special and one numeric character
  • must be at least 7 characters in length

Pages 2 - 3

You should have a note of your qualification, job history or CV and a copy of the job description would also be helpful.

As you proceed through pages 2 and 3 you can save the information by selecting 'add top of the page', this will ensure the information you are inputting is not lost.  To save the whole application and return to it later, click on 'save as draft'.

Page 4

You will be asked to complete eight short competency based questions using your relevant experience and examples.  These questions will cover Customer Focus, Team Work, Communication, Personal Management, Problem solving, Technical Expertise, Leading and Developing Others and Economic Development awareness.

These fields have a limited text amount of 500 characters (approx 70 words). If you wish to leave this section incomplete and return later, please ensure you have some text in each box and select 'save as draft'.

Page 5

Enter any additional information or experience that you feel is relevant to this role.  If you wish to save the application and return to it later, select 'save as draft'.

Pages 6 - 11

These pages are for additional information and reference details