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Best companies

We use the Best Companies Survey to obtain our employees views and during our latest employee survey in 2012, we had a fantastic response rate of 81.6 percent - evidence that our employees care about what we do and are keen to influence how we work as an organisation.

Community engagement

We believe in working and engaging with our communities.

As an employer we encourage employees to volunteer in our communities and to look carefully at what we do and the impact we have.

We give our employees up to 21 hours a year to take part in community volunteering with local charities, have our Annual Chairman’s Awards for Community Engagement, and actively promote volunteering opportunities to our employees.

Low carbon

Scottish Enterprise recognise that "low carbon" - sustainable development and respect for the environment - is important if we want to protect Scotland and the world’s environment.

We are committed to developing a low carbon economy with widespread adoption of resource efficient technologies, and processes that produce energy and materials with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

This low carbon economy will also offer market opportunities for Scottish companies to develop products and services which they can market domestically and globally.

The importance we place on this is evidenced in the fact that renewables and the low carbon transition constitute two of our five priorities in our Business Plan.

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