Our values

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We are outward looking in our perspective and approach

We are ambitious for Scotland competing and succeeding in a global economy, and want Scotland to take its place amongst the world's most progressive and successful economies.

Our horizons are international and our standards are world-class. We believe Scotland has unique strengths and assets, and that our role is to use these to stimulate business and sector growth and to attract new investment.

We are a hub of knowledge and expertise

Much of our work is based on our strengths in sharing and promoting best practice, expertise, information and intelligence for businesses and business sectors. We are also committed to evaluating and improving our effectiveness and impact.

We believe in collaboration and strong partnership

We share responsibility for achieving economic goals with other partners and achieve a greater impact through creating genuine and committed partnerships with the organisations, sectors and businesses we work with.

We are responsive, flexible and practical

Businesses deal in practical solutions and the business environment never stands still. In exploiting opportunities for businesses, key sectors and Scotland, we strive to operate with the required pace and a pragmatic, flexible approach to deliver to maximum effect.

We are responsible and think through the wider impact of the decisions we make

We recognise that economic development is not a narrow goal. Lasting and progressive economic growth encompasses wider social and environmental opportunities and responsibilities.

We consider the wider implications of our activities and the decisions we make on our teams, our organisation and across the public sector more broadly.