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Why international specialty printing company Eurostampa chose Glasgow

A family business turned global label brand recently invested in a new multi-million-pound facility in Cumbernauld. Find out how this investment is helping Eurostampa meet its growth and sustainability goals. 

15 January 2023 | 4 minute read

Established by Luciano Cillario in Italy in 1966, Eurostampa is now a premium label manufacturing firm with a global list of clients and locations across North America and Europe.

In Summer 2023 we supported Eurostampa to open a multi-million-pound facility in Cumbernauld.

The new facility is more than double the size of its previous Glasgow factory. It will help Eurostampa meet market demand and reduce its carbon emissions, while creating almost 100 new jobs.

Scotland’s rich history of quality manufacturing

In 2011, as part of its strategy to develop the UK label and packaging business, Eurostampa acquired Scottish firm Gilmour & Dean.

Gilmour & Dean, originally founded in Glasgow in 1846, became Eurostampa UK. Since the acquisition, the company has continued to conduct high-quality business and has become known as the UK’s premium producer of value added labels to the drinks industry.

But why Gilmour & Dean? The Scottish printer of Wet Glue and PSL labels has almost two centuries of experience, and in that time it has made a name for itself in the industry as a company that can be trusted for creativity and quality. These are two attributes that Eurostampa values and requires in its mission to ‘create beauty that inspires emotions’.

Since taking on Gilmour & Dean, Eurostampa has had a strong presence in Scotland. The firm has been able to experience the quality and innovation that runs throughout our industry first hand. This led Eurostampa to want to invest further. 

A world-renowned whisky industry

Scotland is famed for its quality spirits, and Eurostampa now has a commitment to be a strategic supplier to the Scotch whisky industry. So, it makes sense for Eurostampa to have a base where the magic happens.

The investment into the Cumbernauld site is the company’s single biggest investment in its history, which shows just how important this market is to the firm.

World-leading climate targets

The new facility at Cumbernauld is set to support Eurostampa in its efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.

Eurostampa CEO Gian Franco Cillario says:

“As well as providing us with the capacity to meet our increasing customer demand, our new facility in North Lanarkshire will help us increase efficiency through an optimised manufacturing process that will put us well on track to achieving our sustainability targets.”

The CEO has also said that Eurostampa’s commitment extends beyond simply staying in Scotland.The company wants to continue to invest in the long term.

He continued: "Our new facility will create extra capacity and help us better support our customers. It will also create a better environment for our employees and let them work better together, which will boost engagement.”

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