Principally Women

Closed: Principally Women

A programme for female leaders and founders to get the right skills to help bridge Scotland’s gender gap in scale-up leadership. Applications for this programme have now closed.

What is the Principally Women programme? 

Enabling women-led businesses is crucial to grow the Scottish economy. Over the past few years, women have made considerable economic progress in Scotland. Despite this, women remain underrepresented in self-employment and business ownership.

This programme recognises that at different life stages, individuals face different social, business, and domestic issues, which collectively can limit their ability to influence and lead. It's particularly focused on women in senior positions and middle management in established businesses. 

Principally Women seeks to draw out these women at a point in their career where life stage, opportunity and ambition are aligned, but specific skills, knowledge or support may be lacking.

This is a free programme, however if participants have reached a certain level of public sector support a fee will apply.

Who is Principally Women for?

This programme is aimed at senior women business leaders in growth companies - including social enterprises - based in Ayrshire, Glasgow and Clyde, and the north east of Scotland.

You'll find more guidance on qualifying criteria for the programme in the application form for your area (see below).

What does the programme involve?

A group meeting of like-minded women from different sectors with different skills - it's an opportunity to share experiences and provide support in a safe environment. The programme will be delivered by experts in their field, with real life experience of supporting female leaders.

It involves:

  • Six half-day workshops,
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Fireside chats with inspiring female leaders including GlobalScots

All aspects of the programme will be delivered online.

You can find more information about programme workshops in the application form for your area (see below). 

Don't just take our word for it 

The Principally Women programme is an opportunity to talk openly and freely, to learn about yourself and make new friends and contacts. Previous participants have fed back to us how valuable the programme has been for them. Some have even said that it’s been life changing.

Applications are now closed

Applications for Principally Women are now closed.

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Got a question?

If you have any questions about the Principally Women programme, you can get in touch with our team.