Principally Women

Principally Women

A programme for female leaders and founders that can significantly support Scotland’s ambitions for digital adoption amongst businesses. Applications for this programme closed on 13 January 2021.

What is the Principally Women programme? 

Enabling women-led businesses is crucial to grow the Scottish economy. Over the past few years, women have made considerable economic progress in Scotland. Despite this, women remain underrepresented in self-employment and business ownership.

This programme recognises that at different life stages, individuals face different social, business and domestic issues, which collectively can limit their ability to influence and lead. It is particularly focused on women in senior positions and middle management in established businesses. It also targets founders who can push forward digital adoption within their organisations and/or grow businesses that offer products and services that enable others to adopt digital practices.  

The programme seeks to draw out these women at a point in their career where life stage, opportunity and ambition are aligned, but specific skills, confidence, knowledge or support may be lacking. The goal is to help them reach leading positions and push forward gender-diverse digital adoption in Scotland. 

Principally Women will target female leaders and founders, with a focus on digital adoption, to:

  • support female business leaders to gain the right skills and confidence to reach senior positions where they can drive digital adoption in their own businesses
  • support female leaders and founders whose products/services enable digital adoption in other businesses to grow, scale and increase the reach of their businesses

Who is Principally Women for?

Principally Women is targeted at senior women business leaders in growth companies (including social enterprises) who have the potential to support the company in scaling up. For example, this could be a founder or existing senior management team member with the ability to influence change but who clearly needs support in driving digital adoption.

Emerging leaders currently in, or bound for, senior leadership positions are also eligible for the programme.

To be eligible, your business must have growth potential. As a guide, you should have a minimum £400,000 turnover per year and be forecasting £1 million in sales growth.

What does the programme involve?

A series of workshops will be delivered by experts in their field, with real experience of supporting female entrepreneurs, on topics designed to increase your influence in digital adoption. The content will include the most impactful and successful modules from the pilot and PW2 programme.

To gain maximum benefit over the two-month period, you must be willing to actively participate in a range of programme activities and maintain a 70% attendance rate. You should expect to attend four half-day workshops over two months. These will include:

  • Deep dive self-reflection - Identifying the key catalyst life stages and evaluating opportunities and challenges: identify your needs, pains, gains and goals and develop a personal action plan.
  • Women and leadership 1 - Skills gap analysis. What type of leader/entrepreneur am I? Work-life audit. Personal profiling/confidence at work/psychometric 360 assessments. 
  • Women and leadership 2 - Implementing goals and strategy. Hierarchy versus culture/understanding workplace culture and working together.
  • Coaching - Coaching for inspired performance: learn how to become a great coach and develop your team

The launch event will be at the end of January 2021 and all workshops and coaching will be delivered online.

How much does it cost and when will it run? 

Applications for this programme closed on 13 January 2021. Applicants will find out if they have been successful by the middle of January. 

The first workshop will take place at the end of January.

The applications will be reviewed and evaluated on these criteria:

  • The company's potential to scale (minimum £400,000 turnover and £1 million in sales growth over 3-5 years)
  • Applicant must be a female founder in business or a female leader from a senior management team
  • Clearly articulates the challenges currently faced in business
  • Applicant is in a senior position of influence
  • Applicant clearly needs support to influence digital adoption