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Episode 7: Looking back on COP26 - Young Scot

In our 7th and final episode in our series of Climate podcasts, our head of marketing and engagement, Alyson Russell-Stevenson catches up with Rory Hamilton and Alice Masson, who are both members of the Young Scot Climate Co-Design Group. In the episode, they look back as the dust settles on COP26 in Glasgow. And join us as we look back at some of the best bits of the Think Climate podcast at the end of the episode.

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"There needs to be a framework created for the world to live, work, manufacture, move around, do everything more sustainably - and that's what COP26 needs to set the world on the road to. The Paris Agreement set the target and ambition, COP26 needs to deliver the action. Whatever comes out of COP26, whether it's a 'Glasgow Accord' or 'Glasgow Pact', that's what it needs to do"

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council

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