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Transforming Lanarkshire's town centres: final report


The evaluation, the Lanarkshire Town Centres Study, aimed to develop a strategic framework for intervention in 18 Lanarkshire town centres, which would determine strategic priorities and guide the development of town centre action plans for economic, social and physical development. The evaluation also took into account the implications of the proposed new town centre at Ravenscraig. The evaluation aimed to find solutions to reverse the long term decline in the status and contribution of the town centres and to achieve transformational change.


The report summarised the key findings and recommendations of the Lanarkshire Town Centres study. Separate volumes of working papers, town centre dossiers and technical annexes document key stages of the study.


Finds that a combination of factors and events has eroded the appeal and quality of many of the town centres, mirroring that of many former industrial areas, but that Lanarkshire should strive to create a sustainable urban hierarchy. Provides a strategic approach, based on 3 key propositions: the partners need a radical new approach based on a recognition of the need to revisit the role and function of town centres; the partners should adopt a long-term, direction setting strategy; and the strategy must set out an integrated and internally consistent approach. Mentions that the development of Ravenscraig town centre must be designed specifically to maximise additional benefits to Lanarkshire and minimise displacement. Maps out a new and sustainable urban hierarchy for Lanarkshire.


Recommends the formation of a Lanarkshire Urban Partnership (LUP) under the auspices of the Local Economic Forum. Suggests that the LUP needs to agree which strategic priorities to pursue, but highlights the uncertainty of Ravenscraig proposals and its possible implications. Recommends that LUP develop and adopt a short-term action plan for the urban west, in parallel with a detailed exploration of the implications of the Ravenscraig development.

Author yellow book; Gillespies; Ryden; Colin Buchanan and Partners
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Business infrastructure
    Area regeneration