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Evaluation of Cashmere Made in Scotland Promotion 2001 - 2003


The Cashmere in Scotland promotion, including the Scottish Cashmere Club, aimed to assist the cashmere industry to achieve a sustainable future through developing export markets for quality products aimed at the added value sector. The evaluation aimed to analyse: the success of the initiative; the economic outputs and impacts from the project; the full costs of the initiative, leverage, value for money and efficiency in delivery of economic benefits; the specific outputs and impact achieved from each of the projects; the market in terms of participating businesses and their ability to contribute to and sustain the initiative; and recommendations for future actions.


The methodology consisted of background information, an interview programme with representatives across the Scottish cashmere industry, and draft conclusions and recommendations.


Shows that the Scottish Cashmere Club has been weakened in its role as lead industry body and represents less than 50% of its employment. Promotion impacts include jobs created / safeguarded of 87.5 and an estimated contribution of the Promotion to GDP of £2,668,750. Additionality remains high. Major benefits from the Promotion or Club membership include sales increase, improvement to company performance, improved quality standards, and profile raising. Qualitative impacts include an enhanced reputation of Scottish Cashmere, significance of involvement and collaboration.


Recommends that the Cashmere Club should: lodge an application for further funding; encourage resigned members to rejoin; seek new members; keep in place the four key objectives; review downwards the performance targets; review the costs and benefits of renewing activities in Korea and Japan; provide mentoring for new entrants participating in events abroad; make a decision on the next target market with as full a membership as possible; review the aims of the website and agree a specification upgrade; continue the recent meetings of its Project Manager with the Scottish Textiles Manager; and prepare a business plan to achieve self-financing status.

Author Allan Blackley, Jennifer Smith (Business Development Advisers Ltd)
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Internationalisation
    Exporting, Internationalisation of Scottish businesses
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