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Evaluation of High Growth Development Project: final report


The High Growth Development Project, part funded by the EDRF under the South of Scotland Objective2, 2000-2006 programme, aimed to provide consultancy advice and information, and access to funding and networks to companies in the Scottish Borders. The evaluation aimed to: assess the impact of the programme against targets agreed at its outset; look at qualitative impacts in terms of company behaviour and characteristics; and examine the role that the High Growth team have played in encouraging networking among participating companies.


The evaluation methodology consisted of: a brief review of relevant project literature; the design of a telephone questionnaire; telephone interviews with participating companies; and analysis of data to determine the key impact data required by the project definition.


There is a high level of awareness of the High Growth Project and Team. High Growth interventions are based around the provision of consultancy and funding. Companies were extremely positive in their general views of the project. High levels of absolute additionality were identified among this client group. A relatively high proportion of ‘deadweight’ was also identified. The High Growth Project has met its sales target and will achieve its target of gross jobs created. Companies are still experiencing issues relating to lack of finance and lack of knowledge. NB the economic impact calculations in this report do not wholly adhere to the Scottish Enterprise Economic Impact Assessment Guidance launched in 2006, therefore please treat these figures with caution. Please use the "Contact Us" button if you need more information.


Recommends that Scottish Enterprise (SE) Borders should consider its approach to the aftercare of participating companies once they leave the project. Suggests that it is important to understand the continuing nature of companies’ needs and, where appropriate, intervene to help companies continue to address these issues.

Author T L Dempster
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Enterprise
    Entrepreneurship/new firm formation, High growth entrepreneurship
  • Investment
    Investor readiness support