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Evaluation of the 3Ci and Innovate for Profit programmes: final report


The evaluation examined two innovation support pilot projects ‘3C’ and ‘Innovate for Profit’ (IFP), funded by Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian (SEEL). The evaluation aimed to: identify the influence of the programmes on participants’ new product development; identify the skills gained by the participants; quantify the products, processes and intellectual property attributable to the programmes and consider the fitness of the programmes.


The methodology consisted of: face-to-face (3C) and telephone (IFP) interviews with participating firms; an interview with project manager of 3C; and interviews with consultants involved in the programmes.


Details the effect of the programmes on the firms involved. Looks at the benefits and impacts of 3C and IFP. Highlights the lack of tangible economic outcomes for the firms involved, although the programmes were of individual benefit to participants. Discusses 3C in relation to: client and participant selection, the briefing of participants, the application of techniques learned, the quality and content of materials and consulting inputs. Provides a series of conclusions about IFP relating to: participant selection; programme content; materials and session leadership; and benefits to business.


Recommends that for future 3C programmes the ‘ability to act’, background and age of participant be taken into account. Suggests that before 3C workshops begin, businesses need to examine where creativity techniques could make a difference and participants need to be encouraged to develop specific objectives. Mentions that consultant Jim van den Beuken should play a more prominent role and that quality and content of material could be improved. Recommends that delegate numbers should be reduced for future IFP programmes and participants should be encouraged to attend all sessions. Concludes that IFP programmes should look at areas of need in firms and use this information to tailor workshops, as well as using feedback from participants to structure subsequent workshops.

Author O’Herlihy and Co Ltd
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Innovation
    Commercialisation, Business innovation