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Evaluation of the SEFV Satellite Broadband Pilot Project


The SEFV Satellite Broadband Pilot Project aimed to provide satellite broadband connectivity to businesses in rural Stirlingshire where conventional broadband services (such as ASDL or cable) were unavailable. The evaluation aimed to assess: the effectiveness of the satellite broadband pilot project; the performance of the project against its original objectives; the impact the programme had on participating individuals and businesses; and the key learning points from the project.


The methodology consisted of: a review of all relevant documents; a survey of 22 out of the participating 26 companies using face-to-face or telephone interviews; and interviews with suppliers, the SEFV e-business manager and the SEFV e-business advisor.


The programme has been successful and addressed market failure. Overall satisfaction with the project was reasonable. The project had clearly benefited some companies, but not others. The main benefits and impacts had come in terms of improved efficiency. None of the suppliers performed outstandingly. Regarding the technology, concludes that Bridge Broadband and Aramiska appear to be the two most reliable systems. A critical factor in determining project success was the success or otherwise of the broadband installation. Notes that more technically sophisticated users had better experience of broadband. Advises that there are still a number of businesses that are beyond the reach of conventional broadband and that satellite technology is the only viable option.


Recommends that SEFV and LEADER+ should consider providing further financial support to subsidise the costs of installing satellite broadband. Suggests that e-business advisors should do more to explain the technical benefits of the different solutions on the market to companies and should maintain closer contact with businesses SEFV has supported. Advises that potential users should have access to the summary findings of the report, as it relates to suppliers.

Author Giraffe Consulting Limited
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Business infrastructure
    Supporting key sectors
  • Equity
    Rural Development