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Market intelligence report: learning


The research aimed to provide a snapshot view of the learning sector, looking specifically at the market for the provision, delivery and administration of learning through the use of new media and network technologies. In doing so, it sought to provide Scottish ITI members with visibility of the market analysis activities undertaken in this sector by ITI Techmedia, access to market information relevant to this sector, and an indication of the functional needs that ITI will further explore to identify the technology platforms that will form the basis of ITI Techmedia research and development programmes.


The data for this report was collected via a marketing foresighting process which has been created and adopted by ITI Techmedia. Primary data was also collected during Market Intelligence Workshops, attended by experienced individuals from industry and academia. Face-to-face interviews were also conducted with key organisations in the sector. Desk research was used to obtain secondary data by international market analysts.


The research finds that the overall education and training sector is predicted to grow steadily in the short- to medium-term but that digital media and communications will comprise only around 6 per cent of overall education and training sector revenue. Key trends and drivers include the market for learning services becoming increasingly demand-led, the possibility of cost-reductions via integration of learning with other enterprise activities, the growing acceptance of e-learning beyond the corporate sector, and the increasing availability of a variety of delivery channels. The report highlights the possible barriers created to market entry for new providers posed by new learning standards, suggesting that these will become increasingly critical to the success of the industry.


There were no recommendations as this was not within the remit of the report.

Author ITI Techmedia
Published Year 2010
Report Type Research
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    Digital markets and enabling technologies