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West of Scotland Science Park: interim evaluation January 2004


The West of Scotland Science Park (WoSSP), part of the Strategic Sites Programme, aimed to: provide close linkages with Glasgow university; to provide purpose-built accommodation within a high quality environment; and to act as a focus for inward investment and indigenous company growth. The evaluation aimed to assess the impact, good practice and value for money of WoSSP, through a series of key questions.


The methodology consisted of a series of 25 interviews (face-to-face, telephone and questionnaire) with Business Park companies, the Science Park manager and his assistant, private sector developers, a new business on the Park and managing agent. Information was also received from six other UK science parks together with aggregated information from the United Kingdom Science Parks Association.


Overall, the WoSSP is making a significant contribution to the local and national economies. Companies in the Park meet all eligibility criteria of good practice. Contacts with the universities are important to the businesses. In terms of value for money, the Park is 88% occupied and is achieving commercial rental levels. Resident companies show a propensity for growth. To date, a public sector investment of £8.5 million has attracted around £15.2 million of private sector investment. Finds that the Park is constrained by non-availability of major development land. If the limited development opportunities available to the Park are pursued with the private sector there is the capacity to generate further European funding to support the remaining infrastructure requirements.


Advises that the WoSSP would benefit from: an SE Glasgow appointed, full-time management regime; arrangements put in place to cover holidays and sickness periods; a review of service charges; and the appointment of a ‘handy man’. Recommends a rolling programme of redevelopment of the older buildings on Kelvin Campus to enhance the environment of the Park and provide additional floorspace. Suggests SE Glasgow review the achievable development opportunities on Todd campus with a view to early implementation of a development programme. Recommends that SE Glasgow consider whether there is scope for extending the cafe facility.

Author PRA Economic Development Consultants
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Business infrastructure
    Company specific
  • Enterprise
    Entrepreneurship/new firm formation
  • Internationalisation
    Inward investment