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Workforce Development Programme: interim evaluation – final report


Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley’s (SEFV) Workforce Development (WFD) Programme aimed to provide: support and financial assistance for the training and development of higher level staff to improve productivity and growth; and support to help businesses to develop the skills and systems required for longer-term workforce development processes. The evaluation aimed to investigate the effectiveness and impact of the WFD programme on companies and the extent of the integration with other SEFV services, particularly the Investors in People (IIP) framework.


The methodology consisted of: desk research; forensic disaggregation of WFD processes; and interviews with SEFV staff, SE Fife and Dunbartonshire staff, and participating employers.


Finds that the programme is successful in penetrating its target market. Suggests that the targeting of both potential pipeline and larger companies can now be justified. Highlights some anomalies in the direction of support aligned to sectors. Observes progress in terms of integrating WFD activity within the Workforce and Business Development directorate. Shows that both the forecast and actual delivery favours low skilled employees over management development. Indicates that businesses have a positive experience of the programme. Considers it is less clear whether it has drawn businesses into a long-term commitment to workforce development.


Recommends that there is a mechanism to engage a greater number of companies, a clearer set of eligibility criteria, and that the Interventions Framework is implemented. Suggests that the process should help businesses to identify their workforce development needs, ensure that SEFV-funded activity is not a one-off investment, and monitor businesses’ workforce development activity. Considers that SEFV implements an approach based on SE Dunbartonshire’s Return on Investment model. Recommends that: the identification of needs is clearly set out initially; the IIP process becomes firmly embedded; the separate budget elements are combined; a monitoring and evaluation framework is designed and implemented; and progress is regularly reviewed.

Author Rocket Science
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Enterprise
    Support to existing/growth businesses
  • Labour Market and Skills
    Skills Development