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Drug delivery: foresighting report


Advances in ‘drug delivery’ aim to improve the delivery, performance or safety of a therapeutic product. The report focuses on four areas within drug delivery: transdermal, microcapsules, nanoparticles and ocular delivery. It aims to provide: an overall picture of the drug delivery market; an outline of the technology landscape; individual discussions of the four areas within drug delivery; and the future trends and opportunities for ITI Life Sciences.


The methodology consisted of: a market analysis; case studies of technological advances within the four areas of drug delivery; and an analysis of the future trends of drug delivery, particularly within Scotland.


The report finds that drug delivery is an active area for the development and application of new technology. The global drug delivery market was worth an estimated 80 billion dollars in 2006 and was dominated by the oral and pulmonary sectors. The number of drug delivery deals is continuing to rise, driven by licensing and merger and acquisition deals. The report suggests that technologies that are both innovative and have a high degree of utility are ideal for the delivery of therapeutic compounds. Drug delivery technologies are grounded on an understanding of molecular weight and particular size. Sizeable opportunities exist for companies with a proven drug delivery technology, but only technologies generating truly significant improvements in patient care will be rewarded in the marketplace. Drug delivery related research in Scotland is particularly strong in transdermal, nanotechnology and ophthalmology. The report suggests there is potential for value creation in Scotland in the area of drug delivery.


There were no recommendations as this was not within the remit of the report.

Author ITI Life Sciences
Published Year 2010
Report Type Research
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