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Wound healing: foresighting report - technology and markets


The advanced wound management market targets hard-to-heal and chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, that are growing in prevalence. There is a need for more clinically effective products to accelerate healing time and number of wounds healed. This study examined the current market situation in this area, making predictions for future growth.


The study took the form of desk-based research that concentrated on: the market by product category; the market by wound type; current technologies; emerging technologies; the patent landscape; and Scottish activity.


The study concluded that advanced wound management is a sizeable and growing market with a clear need for new and improved products. A number of new technologies and applications are emerging, but the market potential of these must be weighed against increasingly high development costs and industry price sensitivity.


There were no recommendations as this was not within the remit of the report.

Author ITI Life Sciences
Published Year 2010
Report Type Research
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