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The value of golf to Scotland’s economy


The research aimed to highlight the importance of Scotland to the golfing industry, and the value that Scotland’s golf economy contributes to the country’s wider economy.


In order to measure the size of the golf economy in Scotland, the research analysed the following six industry clusters: golf facility operations; golf course capital investments; golf supplies; golf tournaments and endorsements; golf tourism; and golf real estate. The value of the industry was measured through the quantification of its direct, indirect and induced economic effects, as well as its total economic impact. The study presents information on four measures of economic activity – revenue, gross value contribution to GDP, employment and total wage income – generated by the golf industry in Scotland.


Scotland’s total golf economy is estimated to generate £1.171 billion in revenues for the wider Scottish economy. The golf industry supports around 20,000 people in employment in Scotland, and £300 million in annual wage payments. Scotland’s golf courses are found to be the main revenue generators, with golf facilities overall contributing £582 million to the Scottish economy. Golf participation in Scotland, measured as a percentage of the population, is noted as among the highest in Europe, with more than 4.5 per cent of the population as registered golf club members. The study highlights that Scottish golf tourism generated £120 million of revenue in 2011, which represents a contribution of £57 million GVA to Scotland’s economy.


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Author KPMG
Published Year 2013
Report Type Research
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