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Estimating the holistic value of Scotland’s mountain bike sector


The purpose of this paper is to provide an estimate of the current total size of the Scottish mountain bike sector, and how large the sector is likely to be in five years’ time, based on current trends. It looks at eight aspects of the mountain bike sector: mountain bike production; parts and accessories production; electric bike retail; mountain bike retail and distribution; parts and accessories retail; clothing and footwear; sports nutrition; and mountain bike tourism.


The methodology consisted of a desk based review of Scottish, UK and European market research papers, a survey of 24 Scottish mountain bike sector businesses, and interviews with 19 key stakeholders who work in the Scottish mountain bike sector.


The study estimates that, based on current trends, the Scottish mountain bike sector’s combined sales were worth up to £257 million in 2015, and could potentially be worth £408 million by 2025, equivalent to an increase of 59%. In 2015 mountain bike tourism contributed the most, with £90 million, followed by parts and accessories retail with £77 million. By 2025 it is estimated that parts and accessories retail will contribute the most with £138 million, followed by tourism with £117 million. It is noted that these figures will only be realised, however, if Scotland’s public sector agencies continue to deliver the same range of support to mountain bike companies as they do at present. It is suggested that this could be even greater if Scottish Enterprise take new measures to pro-actively support the development of the sector in future. In terms of GVA estimates, it is estimated that if Scotland’s public sector agencies continue to deliver the same range of support as they do at present, the GVA contribution of the sector would reach £158 million by 2025. Similarly to the estimated value of the sector, mountain bike tourism contributed the most in 2015, with £54 million GVA and is also expected to contribute the most by 2025, with £70 million GVA. Without the same level of support, the analysis indicates it is likely the sector will still grow but only reach £127 million GVA by 2025.


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Author Frontline
Published Year 2017
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