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Subsea engineering opportunity: International Market Insights Report series - carbon capture, utilisation and storage


This report is part of a series of reports considering the opportunities for the Scottish oil and gas (O&G) subsea supply chain in other subsea and related markets. It covers carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), which is the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from emission streams or the environment, its transportation and then subsequent use and/or storage. The report focuses specifically on the subsea elements of the CCUS sector, i.e. transportation, some uses and storage aspects. It provides an overview the CCUS sector, looks at current activity, and where there is potential for activity. It highlights the synergies between the CCUS sector and the subsea O&G supply chain, and identifies where there are opportunities for collaboration to provide innovative solutions.


The research is based on a desk review of existing evidence.


The report notes that CCUS has a direct link with the O&G supply chain, using many of the same techniques and equipment. As many CO2 storage locations globally are offshore, there is a physical disconnect between the capture and the storage of the gas. For a CCUS project to work efficiently there needs to be a continuous supply from where the CO2 is captured to where it is utilised or stored. The Scottish opportunity for CCUS is therefore most likely to be linked to where Scottish products, services and expertise that exist within the standard O&G arena can be exported to areas that are looking at offshore storage of CO2 co-located or linked to the capture. These opportunities are rare at present, based on global activity but existing engagement should allow opportunistic activities. There are also opportunities/existing strengths in: surveying; project management; and health and safety, including risk identification, analysis and mitigation. There are 122 Scottish companies that operate in the survey, PM, HR and HSE and training sectors, and at least 57 companies who work in the service provision, manufacture or supply or survey equipment, geosciences surveys, data acquisition, data interpretation and reservoir modelling.


The report does not make any specific recommendations.

Author Scottish Enterprise
Published Year 2018
Report Type Research
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