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Opportunity for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in Floating Offshore Wind


This publication and its contents was commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and produced by a consortia of NSRI, Subsea UK, University of Strathclyde and Wood. It informs on the status and potential to promote consideration of vertical axis wind turbine technology for industrial application in the floating offshore wind market.


The report takes the form of a techno-economic review to consider three key questions to determine the potential of the concept: i) is the concept of VAWT in FOW application technically feasible?; ii) is the concept of VAWT in FOW application commercially viable at scale?; iii) is there an economic case for industrial investment? Desktop research and analysis considers technical feasibility, commercial viability, economic assessment and industrial engagement strategy.


The report identifies that the technological maturity of VAWTs is lower than for the well-established HAWTs but that with further development efficiencies could be made for wind farms by utilising this technology.


The report recommends that a proven demonstrator will be required to support project investment.

Author Scottish Enterprise
Published Year 2022
Report Type Research
  • Sectors
  • Equity
    Sustainable development
  • Innovation