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Investing In Our Place – Delivering the Place Principle in mixed-use development


The research comprises two documents. Firstly ‘Investing In Our Place–Delivering the Place Principle in mixed-use development’. Secondly ‘Property and Place Drivers for a Green Well-being Economy.’ The two documents consider the future delivery of mixed-use development in a changing world, focussing on development where there is a need for public sector intervention. They lay out a case for change built on evidence and outline a framework for designing and delivering mixed use development that will deliver a wide range of social and environmental benefits that will contribute to a greener, fairer and healthier Scotland. The documents take account of National Planning Framework 4 and its principal focus on addressing and delivering on the climate emergency.


The documents benefit from an extensive literature review allied to case studies drawn from development in Scotland. This includes sections on Scottish policy, the economic context and examples of mixed use developments leading to the identification of key messages and a proposed fresh approach which includes principles, guidance, case studies and a delivery route map. The Main Report is a freestanding document but is supported by the associated Discussion Paper which examines the important aspect of moving from policy to implementation by examining and reflecting on the economic and real estate factors that need to be addressed.


Key messages are drawn together from the analysis (Chapter 5 in Main Report) but the principal output from the research is the proposed Fresh Approach (Chapter 6-9 in the Main report) which sets out an extensive range of principles and guidance, the use of case studies as evidence, a route plan for delivery and a call for partners to consider the content of the report and agree a collaborative way forward for delivery.


No recommendations were made.

Author Nick Wright Planning, Steven Tolson and Iglu Studio Ltd
Published Year 2023
Report Type Research
  • Business infrastructure
    Area regeneration
  • Equity
    Sustainable development