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Scotland's Economic Performance


Scottish Enterprise focuses on supporting transformative change in innovation, international and investment performance of Scotland’s economy. These are the drivers of a successful, productive, net zero and fair work economy, and are the areas of greatest opportunity and challenge for Scotland’s businesses and sectors. Together, they will drive the changes needed to boost business sustainability and productivity and secure a wealthier, fairer and greener wellbeing economy. They are also the areas where Scottish Enterprise can make the biggest difference. This analytical paper sets out the key economic research and evidence underpinning our focus on economic transformation, highlighting: Why innovation, internationalisation and investment are important. Scotland’s recent economic performance – and the shifts needed to match the top performing economies. What works in supporting businesses and sectors to improve performance and deliver economic impacts based on insights, evaluation and research evidence.


Analysis of economic development and evaluation research findings.


An overview of Scotland’s economic performance and what works in economic development.


No recommendations were made.

Author Scottish Enterprise
Published Year 2024
Report Type Research