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Scottish Universities Spin Out Review


This research will be used to inform recommendations as to how to improve the commercialisation of research from Scottish Universities, identifying barriers encountered by universities and founders when seeking to create new spin outs, and subsequently when seeking initial and follow on investment sufficient to realise their potential. There are two main areas of interest in this report; spinout creation and raising equity investment.


The research process included an extensive literature review and consultation process. The literature review took into account the findings of many ecosystem reports, such as the Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review, NSET and the Muscatelli Report. Circa 100 interviews with various stakeholders from the spinout ecosystem were conducted as part of the consultation process. Theses stakeholders included university spinout companies, university technology transfer offices and investors with a track record of investing in spinouts.


The research findings will be used to inform how SE and the wider ecosystem can improve the commercialisation of research from Scottish Universities and grow the pipeline of high growth potential spin outs that can go on to raise investment.


The review makes a number of recommendations targeted both at increasing the number of spin outs created in Scotland, and the ability of those spin outs to raise investment capital.

Author Ekos Ltd
Published Year 2024
Report Type Research
  • Enterprise
    Entrepreneurship/new firm formation
  • Innovation
    Company building
  • Labour Market and Skills
    Skills Development