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IES's smart cities tech revolution

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IES's smart cities tech revolution

Read about the pioneering technology developed in Glasgow that’s helping to reduce the carbon emissions of buildings and cities worldwide.

The world’s leading climate scientists recently laid bare the sheer scale of climate and wildlife crises facing the world, in two landmark reports – one from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in October 2018, and the other from the United Nations in May 2019.

As a result, the Scottish Government will legislate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045, following fresh advice from the Committee on Climate Change.

Scotland's current target, set in the Climate Change Act, is to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050.

Responding to the challenge

So, how are we supporting Scotland’s tech companies to find effective solutions to today’s global challenges to ensure a sustainable, brighter future for all?

We’ve worked extensively with Glasgow-based IES - a leading innovator in sustainable analytics for the built environment. The company has launched a new cutting-edge technology platform that will revolutionise smart cities. Its Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) platform connects distributed energy networks, renewables, master plans, building design, operation and retrofit.

The technology will provide decision-makers with the information required to form intelligent solutions. It will help them identify the most effective and resource efficient ways to dramatically reduce the use of energy and fossil fuels within a community.

ICL’s interconnected decision-support tools aid planning, design and operation of energy efficient and sustainable communities of any size and purpose. Whether that be a company, campus, city or country. It’s the most holistic tool for assessing any configuration of buildings throughout their lifecycle – delivering resilience, cost savings and resource-efficiency.

Using the latest digital technology to link Internet of Things (IOT) data, sensor readings, Open Data or any other data source into one interconnected platform, ICL enables engineers to investigate the performance of any built environment.

Comprehensive business support and funding

IES has benefited from our wide-ranging support over several years, including:

  • Access to Scottish Enterprise funding (formerly known as the Scottish Investment Bank), SMART: SCOTLAND and European funding
  • Contacts at Scottish Development International, GlobalScot and Enterprise Europe Network
  • Digital development, including Supercomputing Scotland Project
  • Consultancy and advice from the construction and energy sector

The company has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge and was one of the first businesses to recruit technology graduate apprentices.

The support we have received from Scottish Enterprise over the years has been invaluable in helping us bring to market this new technology, which we believe will make a massive difference in the fight against climate change, to secure a much better future for our children and future generations.

Don McLean, IES CEO


Scotland’s making a difference

As one of the biggest contributors to climate change, the built environment has the potential to make the biggest impact in reducing the world's carbon emissions.

By launching ICL, IES is making its technology available to anyone interested in energy efficiency and sustainability. From architects, engineers and developers, to city planners, ESCOs and sustainability, energy and facilities managers, IES is helping them see the true sustainability potential of their projects.

Over the last 25 years, IES has built a solid reputation as a leading innovator in sustainable analytics for individual buildings. It’s made a significant impact, with use of its IESVE software eliminating the need for around 30 power stations to be built, while their research portfolio has seen them collaborate on many innovative projects, all doing their bit to help save the planet.

Energy saving projects

IES has delivered an interactive 3D visualisation and masterplanning model for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. The results?
Along with virtual testing, detailed operational modelling of 21 buildings and performance optimisation, this project uncovered campus wide energy savings of 31% and $4.7million cost savings.

IES has also developed a prototype community interaction model that enables real-time visualisation of energy data within the Trent Basin community in Nottingham, England.

A model that includes information on renewable energy generation and storage, alongside energy consumption data, and general information about the homes.

Don McLean, IES Founder and CEO, comments: “The IES team have been working extremely hard over the past few years to develop this sophisticated suite of tools that will revolutionise the way we plan and design communities and use energy, whether that be a university campus, city or entire continent.

"The support we've received from Scottish Enterprise over the years has been invaluable in helping us bring to market this new technology, which we believe will make a massive difference in the fight against climate change, to secure a much better future for our children and future generations."

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