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Our webinar programme will give you insights from sector and market specialists on essential topics and opportunities to grow your business. Get your questions answered through our live interactive sessions or watch our free playback sessions.

Covid-19: Impact on the water sector

Join us for this webinar which will explore the impact of Covid-19 on the water industry and what is means in terms of specific challenges and share lessons learned from companies currently adapting and working through the crisis in Scotland. It will also explore potential opportunities in the sector and there'll also be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the session.

Thursday 4 June, 12:30 - 1:30pm

OPIN - Introduction to European Tidal Stream projects

In this webinar, Orbital Marine will be discussing the potential of O2 tidal turbines, & opportunities associated with this for companies. ORE Catapult will be discussing the TIGER project that aims to drive the growth of tidal stream energy at sites in and around the Channel region, driving innovation and the development of new products and services. Sabella will introduce their tidal turbine design and projects. EMEC will be discussing some of the work taking place at their test centre on wave and tidal energy converters. In addition there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the support available from the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN).

Monday 8 June, 2 - 4pm


Hydrogen Opportunities in Bavaria, Germany

This webinar will specifically focus on the latest green hydrogen trends, initiatives and opportunities in the federal state of Bavaria, home to 13 million people and accounting for 18% of German GDP at approximately 597 billion euros. Germany is regarded as a European leader in the development of green hydrogen technology, policy and initiatives as Countries increasingly see hydrogen as a flexible energy vector that can play a vital role in the low carbon energy transition.

Tuesday 9 June, 11am - 12pm

Lunch and Learn – Ireland Business Intelligence

Ireland is an important trading partner for Scotland. Ireland is Scotland’s sixth largest export market with £1.23 billion worth of goods and services exported to Ireland in 2018. During the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask questions to two Global Scots, Nick Weir and Andrew Brownlee, who both have a wealth of knowledge and experience working and living in Ireland.

Wednesday 10 June, 12 - 1pm

Financial Readiness Talk Webinar

Are you a start-up company about to embark on your first fundraising campaign? Or you are considering your next move should it be debt or equity to fund it? How do you get Funder ready? Are you worried how to access COVID-19 Funding? We will touch on all these subjects during the webinar. Please join us for an interactive session where will have guest panellists give a brief overview of funding available and then the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Thursday 11 June, 3pm - 5pm

Horizon 2020 Funding Call - Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment

An essential part of Europe's clean energy transition is the changing role of buildings from consuming energy to actively controlling and optimising indoor environment while contributing to energy system flexibility by ensuring distributed energy generation from renewable energy sources, energy storage, facilitate smart charging of EVs, smart metering, load reduction through energy efficiency and load shifting through demand response. The deadline is 10/09/20 and the total funding amount is €3-4m. The scope of the funding call is to develop and demonstrate cost-effective low-carbon technological solutions to manage energy within existing buildings and interact with the grid providing energy efficiency, flexibility, generation and storage, based on user preferences and requests.

Tuesday 16 June, 10am - 11am

Fintech - Understand your growth potential in Europe

The webinar will provide Scottish Fintech companies with an overview of Fintech/Financial Services market trends, opportunities, challenges (and crucially market gaps) across our priority European markets.  The purpose of the webinar is to provide an opportunity for Fintechs to develop their market awareness in a time efficient way and enable them to prioritise markets for further research/engagement. At a time of great uncertainty for companies, this is a highly effective way to share insight from our Fintech leads across Europe.

Friday 26 June, 12 - 1pm

Watch our free playback sessions

What is the latest in European Low Carbon Innovation Funding?

Watch this webinar to hear the latest in European Low Carbon Innovation Funding, despite the uncertainties that Brexit presents. Conall McGinley, Craig Moir and Helen Fairclough provide their insights in this informative webinar. Recorded 30 July 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 2:08 minutes in.

Selling into the financial services industry 

GlobalScot Alasdair Anderson joined us the first in the 'A Trading Nation' webinar series. In this webinar, Alasdair provides insights into selling into the financial services industry. Recorded 2 July 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 1:50 minutes in. 

Language and interpreting resources for Scottish exporters

Watch this webinar hosted by Dr Jonathan Downie for Scottish businesses who may require language services when exporting products from Scotland. Recorded 23 May 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 1:50 minutes in.

Importing and exporting in a potential no-deal EU exit

Hear our colleagues from HMRC and the Welsh Government for an insight into what the future of business may look like in the event of a no-deal EU exit. Recorded May 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 2:10 minutes in.

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