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Crown Street Gorbals part 2

Crown Street Gorbals part 2: FOI release (reference 4858)

Date received

12 November 2020

Date responded

27 November 2020

Information requested

1. Confirm Scottish Enterprise’s proposed development concept was to develop 3 buildings

a) a library

b) a church

c) a housing development

2. Confirm it was Scottish Enterprise’s intention to sell the housing development site to Crudens

3. Confirm that after a lengthy negotiation with Crudens, they then withdrew from the negotiations.

4. Some 17 years later, New Gorbals has acquired the site.


1. The original proposed development concept for the overall triangular site was for a Library, Church and Housing with associated car parking.

2. There had been a proposal to sell the housing site to Crudens in 2002/03 but this appears to have lapsed around late 2007.

3. Scottish Enterprise does not hold records that could confirm your statement, therefore section 17 of FOISA applies.

4. Date of Entry was 8th March 2019.

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