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Cyber security specialist

Cyber security specialist: FOI release (reference 4824)

Date received

31 July 2020

Date responded

18 August 2020

Information requested

I want to access the following information with regard to the assignment Cyber Security Specialist - P21-0045 - Scottish Enterprise:

1. Which buyer/ supplier was selected for the above assignment?

2. At what rate (the daily fee in Pound sterling) the above assignment was assigned to the winning buyer/ supplier?

3. What factors the Scottish Enterprise considered to select this buyer/ supplier as a winning buyer/ supplier?


1. LHi Group Ltd.

2. The daily rate assigned to the winning supplier was £675 excluding VAT.

3. Please note Scottish Enterprise adhered to the evaluation criteria published on the Digital Market Place. [Technical competence 50% (this was assessed via the answering of the questions posted on the Digital Market place and at interview) Cultural Fit 10% (this was assessed at interview) and Price 40%].  

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