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Glasgow Science Centre roof

Glasgow Science Centre roof: FOI response (reference 4925)

Date received

02 September 2021

Date responded

30 September 2021

Information requested

Please could you share any report(s) you hold regarding the replacement of the GSC titanium roofing system and any associated weatherproofing membrane?

The specific information sought is any technical assessment of the high temperature requirements, and the ability of the chosen replacement membrane to cope with this.


We can confirm that we hold a copy of a Glasgow Science Centre Refurbishment Feasibility Report, which may be relevant to your request. This report was commissioned and is owned by the Glasgow Science Centre, with a copy provided to Scottish Enterprise on a confidential basis. We do not have permission from the Glasgow Science Centre to share this report, hence the information has been withheld under Section 36(2) actionable breach of confidence.

Most pertinently, we also advise that the report contains construction information and the Glasgow Science Centre are currently under orders from the UK Government not to disclose any information on any matters related to the buildings for security reasons until after COP26 has concluded.

We are keen to provide as much assistance to you as possible and therefore advise you of the following information regarding the roofing system membrane:The new membrane which is currently being installed at the Glasgow Science Centre has the thermal stability of over 180 °F (over 82°C) and a maximum service temperature of 60°C when installed up to 2500m above sea level. The manufacturer of the membrane has offered warranty for the use of the product within the proposed external build up. The same membrane that is currently being installed has been used at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, northern Spain. The external build up used at the Guggenheim is very similar to the external build up at the Glasgow Science Centre, with the membrane sandwiched between a metal shingle and galvanised metal sheeting. The Guggenheim have confirmed that they have had no issue with the membrane since completion in 1997. The membrane has also been installed in various countries across the world with average and high temperatures which are far in excess of those found in Scotland and we are not aware of any issue with it being unable to withstand high temperatures having been recorded.

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