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R&D funding over the last five years

R&D funding over the last five years: FOI release (reference 4811)

Date received

26 June 2020

Date responded

24 July 2020

Information requested

I'd like to request a list of all the companies that have been in receipt of R&D funding from Scottish Enterprise over the last 5 years, including award amount, project title, and the publicly available project summary with each award please. If it's possible to identify them from your data set, I'm most interested in companies that have been awarded funds to conduct R&D that is software / computer based. For example, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics, machine learning, software development, algorithms, sensor systems, Internet of Things.


Response attached at Appendix A, noting that there is not a publicly available description for each project and that we are unable split the data set into the categories you highlighted. 

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