Selling into the EU

Scotland's trade with Europe

There are 500 million potential consumers of your products and services in the EU. Currently 43% of all exports from Scotland go to countries in the EU market (worth £12.3 billion).

With long-established trading relationships and inter-dependent supply chains across all sectors, the opportunities for Scottish companies will continue after the UK's exit from the EU.

Perhaps your business already sells into the EU? Or you’re a company looking to start exporting to Europe for the first time or build on occasional sales? We can help to ease your journey and grow your sales to our closest and largest market.

Our expertise and connections are far-reaching, with dedicated staff based throughout Europe to plug you into influential business networks.

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Yet to trade abroad or perhaps you've just started taking orders from overseas buyers? We can help you develop an export plan to grow your product sales and services to the EU.

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Already trading outside the UK and want to expand your operations to the EU? We can connect you to agents and market experts, helping you access the best opportunities and funding.

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Get the essentials to doing business in EU markets – from opportunities and challenges to legal, tax and customs considerations, and much more. 
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Credit: GOV.UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)