Manufacturing review

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) helps organisations improve and grow by designing and delivering tailored manufacturing improvement support. Support focuses on people, process and technology together to enable manufacturers like yours to become more profitable and competitive.

More Scottish companies are recognising the benefits of improving their business than ever before – last year, more than 300 Scottish companies generated £107 million worth of savings by becoming more efficient and increasing their productivity. 

Want to find similar success? Then apply for a manufacturing review through SMAS.

The benefits

The manufacturing asset review challenges current and future priorities. It helps to demonstrate the impact of equipment on the business including areas such as running costs, maintenance, premises, bottlenecks and also the future opportunities for things such as targeted automation. 

The review will also help your business understand the implications for any investment – not just the capital cost, but also the project management needed for successful investment and wider resource requirements.

Are you eligible?

We work with any business that has a process, within any sector. By process we mean production and manufacturing.

  • Production – the physical processes of making and bending
  • Manufacturing – the overarching process of getting raw materials to goods and their associated services

We recognise that although an organisation may choose to outsource its production activities, it remains a manufacturing company at heart. So regardless of whether a business sits within manufacturing or production, servitisation or supply chain, you can take advantage of a free manufacturing review.

Apply for a manufacturing review