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Global 'High Value Opportunities' is a flagship trade initiative operated by Department for International Trade (DIT) in partnership with Scottish Development International. The programme aims to identify, prioritise and deliver support to Scottish and UK companies in pursuit of large scale overseas projects and help businesses secure contracts. 

At any one time there are hundreds of high value projects under way around the world. 

This programme identifies the top 100 of these projects which hold the highest potential gains for Scottish companies so we can focus on those key projects that will most benefit the Scottish economy. 

How your company can benefit 

  • Early intelligence on lucrative opportunities and tender alerts, giving you a competitive advantage
  • Coordinated and long-term support before, during and after bids
  • Get support to research and validate projects, saving you time and resources
  • Help in facilitating partnerships / consortia and buyer introductions: inbound / out-bound missions
  • Access to industry specialists
  • Help with market access issues and regulation / standards
  • Get support to attend events and trade shows through the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP)

Major contracts for global sporting events

Global sports projects are one such example of high value opportunities that your business can get involved in – a market valued at around £220 billion by 2022. 

With an estimated 30,000 sporting events taking place annually worldwide, there is no shortage of opportunities for Scottish companies – from feasibility and planning, to fitting out stadia and transport links, to VIP management, security and ticketing. 

Global sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup open up a multi-billion pound market of business contract opportunities to Scottish companies. 

Scottish businesses are in pole position to win contracts with games organisers worldwide based on a track record of success in fulfilling Commonwealth Games and London Olympic Games projects. 

You can find live high value opportunities on the Exporting is Great website

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