Project and contract opportunities abroad

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What's involved?

DIT offers an international opportunities alerts service, publishing details of over 400 business opportunities in over 100 markets each month. As well as early notifications for potential overseas business, these opportunities include:

  • International buyers seeking goods and services from the UK  
  • Joint venture, investment and co-operative partnering  
  • Tenders and public sector  
  • Multilateral aid 

DIT also identify and prioritise high value opportunities to support companies in accessing large scale overseas opportunities, including: 

  • Identifying projects offering the most value to the UK 
  • Supporting companies to develop and implement the strategies to win high-value contracts 
  • Building relationships with opportunity providers to highlight global opportunities for UK companies 
  • Encouraging collaboration and bringing together expertise from DIT, partner organisations and the private sector 
  • Building strong relationships with key UK businesses 

Large and small companies can benefit from high-value opportunities and the huge supply chain potential they have.