ExportSavvy - your guide to exporting

Get free access to expertise, industry networks, tailored support and guidance - when you need it. All the essentials to reach your potential in international markets around the globe.

Access the SavvyAcademy

Do business outside Scotland

Get the know-how and confidence to trade successfully in international markets, with guidance from Scottish Development International (SDI) experts around the world.

  • International market research

    Get in touch with our dedicated research team who can help you delve deeper into target markets and countries.

  • Export advisory service

    Need advice on trading abroad? Get your questions answered by our international trade experts.

  • Export health check

    Take this 5 minute Q&A for a tailored report on the next steps to take to grow your business overseas.

  • Networking events and exhibitions

    Year-round workshops, forums and events in Scotland to give you insights on the best international opportunities.

  • Selling into the EU

    Get support to explore EU opportunities and sell your products and services into European markets.

  • Emerging market opportunities

    Find out if your company is ready to build an international business in emerging markets such as India, Middle East and China.

  • Get up to £5,000 to do business overseas

    Get up to £5,000 to develop a product or service for international markets.

  • Prepare to export

    From novice to expert, build your skills and knowledge to grow your business in international markets.

  • Get support to attend trade shows

    Get support to showcase your company's product or services at international trade shows.

  • Manage your intellectual property and assets

    Get help to protect or license a new product, build your brand, or present your company for sale or investment.

  • Manage your intellectual property and assets

    Get help to protect or license a new product, build your brand, or present your company for sale or investment.

  • Take your innovative energy solutions to international markets

    The Sustainable Islands International programme can help you find opportunities in new markets around the world.

  • BusinessClub Scotland

    Support for Scotland's business organisations to capitalise on opportunities generated by major events, both at home and overseas.

  • Advice on European markets

    Access business opportunities in Europe through our contacts at Enterprise Europe Network Scotland and Scotland Europa.

  • Fast-track your entry into US and South East Asian markets

    Benefit from our fully serviced office facilities in Houston and Singapore to fast-track your entry to US and South East Asian markets.

  • High value opportunities

    Get your organisation in front of key decision-makers of large scale overseas projects, such as global sporting events.

  • Market Visits Programme

    Get support to visit overseas markets – the ideal platform to explore opportunities, conduct market research and meet potential agents or distributors.

  • Prepare for international expansion

    Are you an experienced exporter? Enrol on our advanced skills programme.

  • Hire an export-training consultant

    Hire an in-house consultant to help your team with its international trade plans.

  • Funding for an export manager

    Need to outsource specific skills and knowledge? You may be eligible for funding.

  • Overseas market support

    Get tailored market analysis and in-market support from experts to exploit opportunities worldwide.

  • International customer communications review

    Understand language and cultural differences of doing business in new markets and learn how to tailor your key messages.

  • Strategy development support

    Develop a robust international strategy and build your management team’s capability for successful implementation.

  • Connect with business experts worldwide

    Make the most of the Scottish business diaspora for local tips and practical advice to help you break into new markets.

  • Global aid projects

    Win contracts with international aid and donor organisations such as World Bank, United Nations and EuropeAid.

  • International tendering

    Get help to win overseas projects and contracts from key public and private sector organisations.

  • International office space

    Get preferential access to over 1200 Regus Centres to do business wherever you are in the world.