Scottish Enterprise provides training and support to high growth companies based in Scotland.

  • Attract investment

    Find out about the various grants and funding options available to businesses of all sizes and stages in their development

  • Develop your management team

    Read about management-level training and development programmes aimed at Scottish business leaders.

  • Do business outside Scotland

    Looking to widen your product or service distribution? Get free support and guidance to take your local business global.

  • Develop your organisation

    We want you to be inspired to raise your sights and ambitions and consider your business from a global perspective

  • Develop new products and services

    Got an idea that'll make the world a smarter, greener, more efficient place to live in? We can help you make it happen.

  • License technology

    We own a bank of intellectual property as the result of several large scale R&D projects. We're looking for license partners to turn this research into profitable businesses.

  • Improve your business practices

    Read about services that can help you improve your business efficiency and increase profits without disrupting day-to-day working

  • Support for entrepreneurs

    So you've taken the plunge and decided to start your own company? Our range of start-up and commercialisation services could help you on your journey.