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Managing risk

Managing risk when exporting

Already an ambitious Scottish export business looking to expand your operations in new markets? Find out more about the things to consider when exporting and what support is available to manage risk.

Managing risk when selling overseas 

For a growing business selling into international markets, navigating export finance and payment methods can be challenging. 

From negotiating the risks of the supply chain to wondering whether the overseas customer will honour obligations – there are many financial hurdles on the way to gaining revenue. Questions often come up such as: 

  • How do I assess and manage risk? 
  • How do I cover exchange rate fluctuations? 
  • How long will it take to be paid, and how? 
  • Who is culpable when things go wrong? 


How UK Export Finance can help you manage risk 

UK Export Finance – the UK’s export credit agency – supports UK exporters across a wide range of sectors. Using a wide range of services, including letters of guarantee, performance bonds and insurance policies, they can: 

  • Help exporters win contracts 
  • Help exporters fulfil contracts 
  • Help exporters get paid  

It helps export both goods and services, with companies ranging from micro-businesses to multi-nationals. Initial consultations with your regional UK Export Finance adviser are free. 

UK Export Finance guidance on GOV.UK 

Doing your research into different markets

An important way of managing risk is to make sure you’ve done your research. Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the markets you’re interested in before you start exporting so that you’ve got a good idea of what demand there is, what routes there are and any regulations that might affect you.

To help you get a detailed insight into market trends, competitors and customers, we can provide free market research reports.

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