Scottish Wedding Industry Fund additional payment

A top up payment is now available for businesses who have received previous support from the Scottish Wedding Industry Fund.

About the additional payment

Businesses who have previously received funding from the Scottish Wedding Industry Fund are eligible for an additional payment.

This is to support businesses whose trade was impacted by Covid-19 advice and guidelines during December 2021 and January 2022 and is part of the £100 million funding announced by the Scottish Government on 17 December 2021. We will contact you by email if you are eligible.

Businesses will only be entitled to receive one payment from some of the funds announced by the First Minister in during December 2021 and January 2022. These include support to the food and drink supply chain, support for the culture sector and a fund for the worst affected tourism businesses.

Eligibility for the Hospitality Top-up and the Hospitality and Leisure Top-up funds are separate and will not exclude any relevant business from a payment from this fund.

Eligible businesses will receive an additional 12.5% of their original grant award and enterprise agencies will begin contacting previous recipients of the Scottish Wedding Industry Fund from Thursday 20 January to confirm that they remain eligible.

The amount you receive will depend on your original award.

Eligibility and declarations

Top Up Payment

In order for us to process this top up payment you must confirm: 

  • My business has not changed ownership since I received the original award
  • Received funding from the Scottish Wedding Industry Fund in January/February/March 2021
  • Not have already received €1,800,000 in Covid-19 Temporary subsidy, including awards prior to 1 January 2021 under the EU Temporary Framework, and won’t go over this threshold as a result of receiving this additional payment
  • EU state aid rules apply to the provision of goods within NI, you must notify us if you supply goods to Northern Ireland
The specific declarations you confirmed in your original application (i.e. January 2021) must also still apply. These are:
  • My business operates in Scotland with a Scottish trading address
  • My business started trading on or before 31 December 2019
  • Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, my business was generating an annual turnover of at least £10,000 (or £10,000 pro rata if I hadn’t been trading a full year by March 2020)
  • My business is a small or medium enterprise as defined by the Companies Act 2006
  • This business is my main income and I have no other full time employment
  • More than 50% of my business turnover was from wedding bookings before the COVID-19 pandemic i.e. (March 2020)
  • My business lost more than 50% of its turnover due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • My business intends to continue operating within the wedding sector after COVID
  • My business did not receive the one-off £25,000 payment from the Hospitality Sector Top-Up Payment in 2021 (this is the amount given to businesses with a Non-Domestic Rates rateable value of £51,000 or over)
  • My organisation (at group level) is not subject to an outstanding recovery order following a previous European Commission decision declaring an aid illegal and incompatible with the internal markets (this excludes aid schemes to make good the damage caused by natural disasters) nor a UK court decision declaring illegal subsidy
  • I understand that any payment received must be declared to HMRC as appropriate as part of the tax return of the business. 
  • I confirm that the applicant is not connected to a tax haven, as set out in Schedule 4 Part 12 of the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act 2020. For more information, see the European Council's current list of non-cooperative jurisdictions.
  • I confirm that I have read and agree to the Scottish Enterprise Terms and Conditions, Highlands and Islands Enterprise terms and conditions or South of Scotland Enterprise Terms and Conditions for support under the Scottish Wedding Industry Fund and agree to my organisation being bound by those Terms and Conditions
  • Intend on continuing to trade in the wedding industry after the COVID-19 pandemic 

The Scottish Government is applying a no detriment principle to Covid-19 Business Support schemes. This ensures that businesses which operate in the same sector are entitled to the same level of business support, irrespective of how many funds they may be eligible to apply for.

As such, businesses should be aware that the amount of financial support they receive through the Scottish Wedding Industry Fund Top Up may impact on the level of grant awards that they are eligible for through future Covid-19 Business Support Schemes.

These awards may be capped at an amount that brings them in line with the entitlement of other businesses operating in the same sector. This will be set out clearly in the eligibility criteria for these schemes.

How much funding is available?

Businesses who received:

  • £5,000 will receive an additional £625
  • £10,000 will receive an additional £1,250
  • £15,000 will receive an additional £1,875
  • £25,000 will receive an additional £3,125

When will I receive the funding?

Once we’ve received confirmation that you’d like to receive this additional payment, we’ll pay it to you within 15 days via BACS.

Please reply as soon as possible, and by 5pm on 7 February 2022 at the latest.


How to apply

You don’t need to complete an application for this funding. To receive your additional payment, just reply to the email we’ve sent you, following any instructions given. Please reply as soon as possible, and by 5pm on 7th February 2022 at the latest

If your bank details have changed since you originally received the fund, you must also send us a bank statement that shows:

  • Your account number
  • Your sort code

And either

  • Your name and address
  • The company registered name and address
  • The company trading name and address

Please do not send bank details if your bank has remained the same since your original funding application.

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions about this additional payment, you can get in touch to speak to a member of the team.