Equal opportunities

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Committed to equal opportunities as an employer and in the services we provide

We believe that diversity benefits every colleague, resident and business in the country and it is important that our approach is accessible by all, regardless of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

Realising Scotland's economic potential

Our work has been greatly helped by an increased focus on inclusive growth which has equality of opportunity as a fundamental theme. There are moral and legal reasons to promote equality, but it's also part of realising Scotland's full economic potential. Embracing equal opportunities will help:

  • Counter the effects of an ageing workforce
  • Address youth and female unemployment
  • Encourage greater innovation in the Scottish economy

There is also a strong business case for Scottish companies to adopt diversity. Research suggests that an effective approach to equal opportunities helps businesses increase productivity, expand market share and improve staff recruitment and retention.

Equality Act 2010

We are committed to complying with the Act, the Public Sector Duty and the associated Scottish Specific Equality Duties, giving due regard to:

  • Eliminating discrimination
  • Advancing equality of opportunity
  • Fostering good relations between groups

We have a number of mechanisms to fulfil this, which are outlined below.

Equality Mainstreaming Report

This report details:

  • Our commitment to equal opportunities
  • The steps we're taking to ensure we address the needs of under-represented groups
  • A revised set of outcomes based on progress with our previous outcomes

This fulfils our obligation to produce a mainstreaming report under the Scottish Specific Equality Duties.

Equality mainstreaming report (PDF, 1.67MB)

Equality mainstreaming report (Word, 1.07MB)

Equality impact assessments

At the heart of our equality work are Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs). We apply this methodology to all our new and amended policies and projects. The EIAs cover the protected characteristics highlighted above and human rights. Our current assessments are presented below to increase transparency with our work. Contact Scott Reid-Skinner (email: Scott.Reid-Skinner@scotent.co.uk) if you require any EIAs carried out before 2013.

Principally Women Pilot (Word, 50.5kB)

Fintech Network Integrator (Word, 44.5kB)

Scottish Edge, 7 March 2014 (PDF, 99kB)

Digital Tourism Programme (PDF, 2.5MB)

National Digital Engagement Programme (PDF, 253kB)

Destination Stirling (Word, 120kB)

Industrial Fellowships (Word, 129kB)

Commonwealth Business Conference (Word, 37kB)

Scottish Tourism Alliance (Word, 39kB)

Destination Loch Lomond 2013-2016 (Word, 119kB)

Game in Scotland and beyond (Word, 149kB)

Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms (Word, 118kB)

HR - Parental leave (Word, 116kB)

HR - Disciplinary policy (Word, 117kB)

HR - Code of conduct policy (Word, 119kB)

Client Suite Hospitality Contract (Word, 37kB)

Business Mentoring Scotland Template (Word, 50kB)

Office Support and Facilities Management (Word, 70kB)

Map Supply Chain Practitioners (Word, 67.5kB)

Digital Economy Expansion Programme (DEEP) (Word, 48.5kB)

F&BS Glasgow Stakeholder Engagement (Word, 47.2kB)

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