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Inclusive Business Models: a video guide

Suzanne Orchard, business collaboration specialist

Inclusive Business Models: a video guide

Co-operatives and employee-owned businesses can help create a fairer and stronger economy.

Find out more about these business models in this series of short videos from Co-operative Development Scotland.

Video 1: Platform co-operatives

Digital platforms provide a world of convenience at the tip of your finger, but they’ve also created a gig economy that allows big tech companies to monopolise the market.

One alternative to this is a platform co-operative bringing together innovative technology with long established co-operative principles.

Find out more about them and how they work:

Video 2: Community co-operatives

A shop, pub or village hall used to be key parts of every community. As residents’ requirements have changed and alongside increased competition, many of these services are under threat or already lost.

But challenges give way for a new approach and some communities are taking things into their own hands by setting up community co-operatives.

Learn more about this type of enterprise:

Video 3: Worker co-operatives

Democratic business models address inequality and ensure fair working conditions, and they are a key element of the wellbeing economy for Scotland.

A business model with a track record for resilience and fair work is worker co-operatives, which are completely owned by the workers.

Find out more about how this enterprise works:

Video 4: Consortium co-operatives

Often, when businesses look to develop an opportunity, they face a number of familiar barriers including lack of time, finance and resource.

Collaboration, when it takes the form of a consortium co-operative, can provide a solution. 

If you want to know more about this way of working, watch our consortium video guide on YouTube.

Video 5: Employee ownership

When a business owner decides to sell their company, it can be challenging to find a solution. 

Employee ownership can safeguard the long-term future of the business and ensure a fair price for an exiting owner.

Find out more about  employee-owned businesses and the benefits they offer:

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