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Evaluation of the New Market Development Project: final report


The New Market Development Programme (NMDP) aimed to assist firms to diversify their market base by developing new overseas markets. The evaluation aimed to: determine the achievements of the project against its targets for economic impacts and outputs; assess the additionality achieved by S.E. Borders' intervention; review changes in participating companies' behaviour and characteristics; and make recommendations on possible areas of improvement.


The methodology consisted of: a project set-up; review of literature; research design and plan; and face-to-face and telephone interviews with 81 companies.


Overall, the NMDP has achieved significant impacts in terms of jobs created, safeguarded and export sales. Economic impacts include 78 gross new jobs added, £6.6.million export sales generated, a net additional new GDP of £1.27 million, and a cost per net additional new job of £6,428. Considers that, by 2008, NMDP will have achieved its targeted outputs and contributed to much higher than targeted economic impacts. Highlights complementary remarks made about the project and the ITAs. Records that NMDP participation has impacted on the companies’ behaviour and characteristics.


Suggests that any future changes should be slight, avoiding any displacement of achievement so far. Considers that the provision of grant funding could be more focused. Recommends that the NMDP needs to: review the introductory phase; enhance the awareness of the programme; attract larger companies to workshop / Export Club events; link workshops to the personal development of export personnel, as well as addressing corporate development issues; and ensure project impacts on company behaviour and characteristics form part of the initial assessment process. Proposes that continued emphasis should be placed on companies’ individual relationships with SE Borders, and access to information and networks. Suggests that exporting assistance packages consider the potential impacts on business and the NMDP team should consider wider business and people development issues.

Author T L Dempster Strategy and Research
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Internationalisation
    Exporting, Internationalisation of Scottish businesses
  • Sectors
    Food and drink, Textiles, Tourism