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Evaluation – Workforce Development Project 2005 / 6


The Workforce Development Project (WDP) aimed to up-skill the Ayrshire labour force by providing organisations with the opportunity to apply for funding to continue the personal development and training of its employees. The evaluation aimed to examine the progress made by the project towards its stated aims and objectives as set out in the original ESF Objective 3 Application for the period 2005 – 2006, and consider the range of other services developed and the operational arrangements for the project.


The methodology consisted of: induction and familiarisation; information gathering and analysis; a consultation programme with Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire (SEA) staff; telephone interviews with external consultants; and report preparation.


Finds that the WDP has been an extremely successful programme. Highlights that the WDP has performed well against the targets set within the ESF application and provided SEA with a tool for engaging and responding to companies that were not previously involved with the network. Observes that ease and speed of application and reduced bureaucracy have encouraged companies to participate without compromising due diligence in the allocation of public funds. Notes the project’s strong signposting and referral arrangements to encourage further learning and training, additional support to ensure a clear link between staff training and business objectives, and the provision of a structured Training Needs Analysis (TNA) programme.


Recommends further consideration of the issue of impact assessment as part of any future programme development, including: the design and level of monitoring required; arrangements for obtaining quantifiable performance data; and processes for tracking progress over time. Suggests that further thought needs to be given as to how TNA activity is delivered in the future, including the incentives that can be provided.

Author MCM Associates Limited
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Labour Market and Skills
    Skills Development