Renewable Energy Investment Fund

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Are you eligible?

All projects must have a demonstrable funding gap and the potential to provide economic benefits to Scotland.


In the marine sector, priority will be given to projects which involve:

  • Deployment and operation of arrays, as a step towards commercialisation for devices that have already been demonstrated at full-scale prototype stage 
  • Demonstration of innovative technologies that will decrease costs and remove risks associated with the installation, operation and maintenance of marine energy devices in arrays 


Community projects must have secured the relevant planning permissions and have an appropriate offer of grid connection. However, we are happy to talk to interested parties at an early stage. We work closely with the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (‘CARES’) and Local Energy Scotland, and we understand the complexities of community-owned renewable initiatives.

District Heating

Priority will be given to projects which: 

  • Require investment levels above £400,000 (the upper limit of the existing District Heating Loan Scheme) 
  • Have started discussions with a utility company regarding off take arrangement 
  • Have completed a feasibility study

We are not restricted to these three areas. For any project, contacting us as early as possible will help us to assess your likely eligibility.

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